Start of Another School Year

By: Casey Robinson on Aug 21, 2012 | Categories:

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This past weekend Camden Military Academy welcomed its 54thth Corps of Cadets to the Camden campus. The start of each school year is always exciting!!

This year we have approximately 250 young men embarking on a new school year at CMA. The start of the new school year brings a certain level of anxiety to first year cadets. These “new boys” are learning and experiencing so much these first few days in addition to adjusting to being away from home. Many, for the first time, are learning how to make their beds, clean their room and be responsible for their actions and themselves.

Over the next few days, the cadets will learn the routine and become more comfortable and adjust to being part of the Camden family. Besides seeing new faces and making new friends, a certain level of calm is brought about by beginning a routine after a very busy summer.

It is a privilege to see so many cadets enter Camden each year and watch the transition from boys into fine, responsible young men.

May God bless the start of a new school year, Camden Military Academy and its 54th Corps of Cadets!!