Spring Sports News

By: Casey Robinson on Apr 15, 2016 | Categories: General, Athletics

JV Soccer News from Coach Ararat -

Camden Military JV’s soccer team beat Cheraw High School 2-0 on April 13. The team celebrated their second victory in front of the home crowd.

Sophomore Fahad Almalik scored both goals in the first half. He said he felt the team played a great game, and his goals are the result not only of his individual effort, but the result of the team work.

“My players did everything I told them to do during the game. I expect everyone to just play as hard as they can, and no matter what the outcome, be proud of their performance,” Coach Ararat said.

The starting lineup for the JV Spartans was as​​​​​​ follows: Goalkeeper: Edward Benitez. Defenders: Reece Bubnow, Daniel Maeda, Jeffrey Nyman and Kendal Kreide. Midfielders: Michael Arrindell, Kile Rhodes, Anthony Brown and Parker Miethbauer. Forwards: Daniel Carter and Fahad Almalik.

JV and Varsity Baseball News from Coach Beckham -

Junior Varsity - The CMA JV baseball team has won their last two games against North Central and Pelion. They have been playing great baseball all season. Some key contributors have been Kevin Phillips, Brian Kluppel, Hunter Cornleison, Jaydon Shearn, and Ian Lehman. The next game for the JV team is Monday, April 18th.

Varsity - The varsity baseball team has come a long way since the beginning of the season. Some key contributors are Justin King, Ned Gilleland, newest member Michael Beans, and Furman Cooper. The guys have been working hard all season and hopefully we can scratch out some wins. The team's next game is Tuesday, April 19th.

Lacrosse News from Coach Willox -

The lacrosse team lost mid season games to Savannah, Heathwood Hall, and Cusabo because of untimely injuries to certain key players.

The team recently played a very inspiring game against Heathwood Hall. The Spartans lost to Heathwood by in February, but fought hard to lose by 9-10, only to nearly tie it up in the dying seconds of the game. The players left the field with their heads held high knowing they made a vast improvement.

On April 5, the team traveled down to Savannah to play against Effingham. The team played their best game of the season so far. They quickly amounted a 5-0 lead in the first quarter. Senior attackmen Shane McEnery and sophomore midfielder Nathan Chambers stepped up and made huge plays for the offense to tie the game at 9-9 in the final two minutes. With 1:22 remaining, McEnery found Clay Pflaging on the crease to score the game winner.