Sports at CMA

By: Casey Robinson on Oct 9, 2019 | Categories: General


The sports at Camden Military Academy are not only good for a cadet’s physical health but also their mental health. For me, sports are a way for me to get out some much-needed energy and stress required to be successful, but sports also help to pass the time. I’m the type of young person who likes and needs to stay busy. Participating in sports is a way to keep me busy, grounded keeping me from getting into any unnecessary trouble.

For cadets who play sports, it is a great way to get off campus for a little while. We usually also get to eat out. The mess hall food is fine but a chance to eat out is great! For those cadets who do not want to participate in interscholastic sports, have to participate in the intramural sports program. Whether a cadet plays interscholastic or intramural sports, participating is good for making friends and bonding with other cadets naturally. By the way, we also have mandatory physical training (PT). PT at CMA gives the cadets a nice morning work-out to begin the day.

By Cadet Matthew Healy