Spartan Challenge

By: Casey Robinson on Sep 9, 2020 | Categories: General

Summer At Cma

The Spartan Challenge is a battalion wide event where each company competes against one another in various activities. It’s a really big morale booster and a great way to bond with each other. It is also a celebration of each company completing the certification process. Each company gets to come up with their own t-shirts and banner/flag. The t-shirt and banner contest are super cool because we all get invested in those projects and create awesome results. At the end of the day, we have a huge steak dinner cookout provided by the faculty and staff. The day ends with an awards ceremony to decide the best banner, best t-shirt, and the overall Spartan Challenge winner.

Some of the company competitions:

Tent Building Challenge

Watermelon Challenge

Glass Pyramid

Soccer Juggling


Ruck Sack Relay

River Crossing

Basketball Arcade

Tricycle 24

Academic Challenge

Lift Challenge