Spanish Field Trip

By: Casey Robinson on Dec 22, 2013 | Categories: General, Clubs

Today was a special school field trip arranged by Captain Ararat. Captain Ararat is our Spanish teacher and the head of CMA’s Spanish department. Each and every year he takes all the Spanish students on this trip. However, this year it was really big, as we took about a hundred and twenty students. The trip started right after breakfast, around 8:00am. The cadets have been very excited and anxious for this trip for a long time.
The bus ride was approximately forty-five minutes long. We arrived at Eau Claire High School in Columbia, SC. We have been coming to this school for many years now because they have a huge auditorium. The show today was the Hispanic Flamingo Ballet show, which was a mix of multiple dances, from all over South America. There were two sets of performances, one was dances and the other was live performances.
The show lasted around an hour and a half. Unfortunately and sadly (due to time restraints) we were not able to stick around for the second part of the show. The boys were loud, full of energy and excitement.
After the show, we were in for a special treat. We travelled about fifteen minutes until we came to San Jose restaurant for lunch. The cadets were so excited! When we arrived, they put us all in the main hall in the back of the restaurant. We were all singing the songs and talking loud. We then ordered our food. I ordered beef chimichanga, which is a fried burrito with guacamole and salsa salad. Others ordered enchiladas, tacos and burritos. The food was delicious! We all enjoyed it so much. The foods were very filling. However, some cadets came with their own pocket spending money, including me, and so we ordered deserts. I had a flan, which is a Mexican custard. Cadet Kuimov, who was sitting beside me, ordered fried ice-cream. This is ice-cream on top of fried flat bread making a bowl and covered in honey.
The day was very much enjoyable. We all had fun. The dancers were amazingly talented. I’m glad I didn’t miss out on that.