Spanish Classes have a Guest Speaker

By: Casey Robinson on May 9, 2014 | Categories: General


We had a guest Spanish Speaker from Santiago de Chile, South America last Friday at CMA. All my Spanish classes had the opportunity to see his slide show presentation about his home country. We were all very curious and eager to get to know more about this long and diverse country that can has extreme weather conditions ranging from very hot in the North, near the driest dessert in the world, which is the "Atacama" dessert; mild temperatures in Santiago, the Capital, and very cold weather in the most southern tip of South America called Tierra del Fuego and La Patagonia, home of exotic penguins. I was very pleased with the outcome of this activity in which my students had the opportunity to practice their Spanish. Our guest, Jose Ignacio Etchegoyen Vial was very impressed, not only with our Cadets' interest in Chile, but also with their excellent behavior and warm welcome.