Spanish Two

By: Matthew Weaver on Mar 18, 2021 | Categories: General, Academic

Wow! Things are starting to heat up in Captain Grogan’s Spanish 2 class. We have just begun a major travel project that will put everything the cadets have learned over the course of two years into practice. We will start out with a listening tour of the city of Sevilla, Spain where Christopher Columbus is buried, followed by several readings on Sevilla, Barcelona, and Rome. After proving themselves capable, each student will get to plan their own trip to a Spanish speaking country (and go there!) following the budget that they created. While there, they will write back home (to me of course!) sharing all the cool places they were able to visit as well as the people they meet. When they return, they will present in class a scrapbook of their travels as well as what they learned about the country they visited and all this in Spanish! After having settled in from their recent adventure, we will begin reading about the Knights Templars and the battles they fought and once again in Spanish. I’m so proud of the hard work that these guys have put in this year and just amazed at what they have accomplished.

Speaking of accomplishments, my most recent Ah Hah moment came today, Feb 21, 2021, in my Spanish 1 class when cadet Nicholson came up to me and said that he had connected to a Spanish speaker online and that he actually understood what was being said. He said, “Captain Grogan, she used the words you use in class and I actually understood them”. He was so happy and I was thrilled that all of our hard work was paying off.

Teacher: Cpt. Grogran