Spanish Class Updates!

By: Casey Robinson on Sep 19, 2022 | Categories:

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It’s the dawning of a new year here at CMA and after a refreshing summer, it’s a welcome beginning to a new year to see new faces as well as some old ones. To gather and strive together for excellence inside and outside of the classroom is what makes it worth coming back to each year. This year, my Spanish 1 classes have been challenged to look at learning a foreign language in a new way, with a new view of just how important it is to be one step ahead in the job market that they will soon encounter. As we began the year, we talked about the history of Spain and how Spain was influential in the American Revolution, how the influence of Spain is all around us if we will only open our eyes to it. We talked about artists such as Diego Velazquez and how he defied the orders of the days and actually painted himself in the picture with the king and queen thus establishing himself as a great painter. To do so on that day, was punishable by death! Aside from the arts, we are currently learning the basics of communication in a foreign language and just how important “communication” really is amongst people. I’m encouraged by this new group of students and although there may be bumps along the way, we will arrive at our destination TOGETHER!

- MAJ Grogan (Spanish Instructor)