Spanish Class Update

By: Casey Robinson on Oct 20, 2021 | Categories: General, Academic

These past 8 weeks have been quite challenging as we have all been adjusting to our new normal with Covid guidelines. Nonetheless, my students have responded exceptionally well in the face of these new challenges. One of my Spanish classes in particular has made this school year quite fun as each day they bring smiles and laughter to the classroom. I’ve been very encouraged by their desire to learn a new language and not only their desire but their work ethic and ability to learn a new language. This is probably the first Spanish 1 class that I’ve had where I’m able to hold a full conversation with them. It has been a very fun class and I have thoroughly enjoyed getting to know my students this year. The cadets in my Spanish 1 classes are unique and each one has brought something exciting to class this year which has helped and will help propel us to excellence.