Senior English to see "Lincoln" Movie

By: Casey Robinson on Dec 4, 2012 | Categories:

Lincoln Movie 061

The Senior English classes and History classes took a trip to Columbia, SC to see the movie “Lincoln” and have lunch. Cadets also stopped at the Quaker Cemetery in Camden to see the grave of Dr. George Rogers Clark Todd (1825-1900) who served as a doctor in the confederate army. He was the brother in law of Abraham Lincoln.

Here are some of the cadet’s thoughts regarding the trip.

Cadet Auburger – My time at the movie was great. The movie was very educational and I thought it was very interesting.

Cadet Forrester – This past Friday, LTC Heflin took us to see the “Lincoln” movie. Before the movie, we had lunch at Five Guys. We then saw the movie and on the way back we stopped and saw Lincoln’s brother in law’s grave. It was a great trip.

Cadet Rushing – The movie was about the assassination of Lincoln and his presidency. It was about his struggle to push the 13thamendment through before the election. It was a very accurate detail of how he did it and the actual passing of it. The movie portrays his love for his sons and the people of the nation. It has many speeches and historical scenes that actually happened. This movie was very inspiring and gave me many facts about something I knew nothing about.

Cadet Chamberlain – The movie “Lincoln” was very informational and touching. The way he could live his life with such heart break and a crazy wife is amazing. Also, he had to maintain a country through war, the passing of the 13thamendment. Lincoln is an amazing man.

Cadet Kuimov – This movie was about the last years of the president’s life. Movie was pretty good. I liked some of the jokes in the movie. I liked the scenes where the people were debating at the capital. The main idea of the movie was the problem with slavery, which Lincoln was trying to solve during his period. I would recommend this movie for someone to see.

Cadet Horn – In my opinion, the movie did a great job showing how Abe Lincoln struggled and fought to get the 13thamendment ratified.

Cadet Abreu – I enjoyed the meal at Five Guys. It was the first time I had been there!

Cadet Betti – It was a great experience and I enjoyed the Five Guys meal!

Cadet Mejia – It was very inspiring. God Bless America!

Cadet Harris – The movie was very educational yet funny at the same time. It informed me on many events that happened in our country.