Senior Wills: Dustin George

By: Casey Robinson on Jun 4, 2020 | Categories: General

Copy of CMA Gold 7

I, Dustin George, leave the amazing supply room to William Laidilaw and whomever Mrs.Brown chooses in the future. With that, the responsibility of having to deal with sword bearers constantly asking when the new swords will be in.I leave one of the biggest rooms in band and staff room 302, to whomever the next battalion commander is. I leave the responsibility of being the next great long snapper for Camden military’s football team, to B.C Beef, aka Samuel Fullwood. I leave the pleasure of refereeing the unbearable and annoying to watch intramurals to next year's battalion staff. And finally, I leave the responsibility of being the next debate team president to the one and only Tobin Dreisbach. I will miss all of my teachers and TACs, and the cadets.

-Best Regards,

Seaman George