Senior Will

By: Matthew Weaver on May 7, 2021 | Categories: General

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Hello, my name is Matthew Weaver, and I am in the graduating class of 2021. This is my senior will, and I am leaving a few things behind as I depart CMA. First, I start by sharing a few words of wisdom to the underclassman. Be sure to always try your hardest in everything you do, and the outcome will be rewarding.

I also extend my utmost thanks to the teachers who have helped me throughout my six years here at the academy. To my TAC officers, I leave my thanks for being a great mentor and a terrific father figure. To my brothers in the Class of 2021, I pass along my everlasting friendship and love. I also wish them the best of luck on whichever path they take as they leave CMA. To my college advisor, I am grateful for giving me the assistance and tools to get into college. Lastly, to Mr. Casey Robinson, I leave my gratitude for helping me finally find my way around a computer and introducing me to Google Chrome.

-Matthew Weaver