Senior Will: Ryan Neel

By: Casey Robinson on May 20, 2020 | Categories: General

Copy of CMA Gold 7

I, Ryan Neel, leave Camden Military Academy my thanks. I leave Charlie company the fun memories and the company spirit and that it never dies. To my football teammates, I leave all the long bus rides and exhilarating experiences to the rising seniors. To my fellow seniors, I leave you my lifelong friendship and that I am very grateful to have met all of you and become friends with you. To the juniors and underclassmen that I have come to know; I wish you guys the best of luck whether you are coming back to Camden or not. To the staff, I leave my gratitude and thanks that I had such great teachers and mentors to help me in my Camden experience and guide me to become a better student. I will never forget many of the countless memories and friendships this school has given me and am very thankful to have come here.

I leave you my legacy.

Neel Ryan Victor