Senior Will: Deven McKee

By: Casey Robinson on May 22, 2020 | Categories: General

Copy of CMA Gold 7

These past 3 years at Camden Military Academy have been amazing. I, Deven McKee, would like to leave some things behind for my brothers. To Robert Luebken (Woobie), I leave our awesome room, Room 332, the amount of memories that we had in there are irreplaceable. To Bobby Lowe, I leave you my Officer class hat, may you wear that everyday and remember me for it. To Coach Gudgel and the Lacrosse Team, you gave me the opportunity to play and coach high school lacrosse and I could never be more grateful for that. To Coach Johnson, Coach Horn, and Coach Cooke, I leave y’all with the amazing memory of me being the absolute best basketball manager that you have ever had. To SGM Green and 1SG Irvin, I cannot thank y’all enough for guiding me these past three years and molding into the man that I am today. To all of my teachers, you guys are the absolute best!! To Andrei and Casey, thank y’all so much for giving me the opportunity to be an ambassador to the school and allowing me to participate in various activities throughout the years. To LTC. Lawing and COL. Boland, thank you for being great role models and leaders for myself and all of the other cadets at CMA. Finally, to LTC. Heflin, thank you for guiding me throughout my academic career and for helping me decide where I want to go to college.

To Camden Military Academy, thank you so much for making me who I am today. The experiences that I’ve had here cannot be replaced by anything at all. Although I’ve had my moments here, those moments have shaped me into the man I am today. I’ll hold on to those memories and cherish them forever. Peace out Camden Military Academy, I’m gonna miss you even though I’m only going to be 45 minutes away.

I leave you my legacy.

Mc Kee Deven Brian