Scouts are BUSY!

By: Casey Robinson on Mar 26, 2014 | Categories: General, Clubs

In Late February CMA scouts explored a 10 mile portion of the Palmetto Trail south of Poinsett State Park in Sumter County. Despite lost markers, overlapping trails, and storm damage in the top quarter of the trail, we found the way due to compass work and the use of portions of geologic survey maps. Zack Behrens completed requirements for the hiking merit badge on this trail. This badge is one of the possible badges necessary for Eagle requirements. We then camped in LTC Simonson's yard, and the next morning a few of the kids worked on the Automotive merit badge. Scouts Cullen Rigby, Will Snipes, Ryan Bachman, Jacob Case, Roman Egbert, Isaac Branon, John Cox, and as young adult Scout Leader, Will Carpenter, also participated in the weekend of fun and learning.