CMA Scout Troop 38

By: Casey Robinson on Nov 6, 2019 | Categories: General, Clubs

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Camden Military Academy’s Scout Troop 38 gives scouts who are in good standing in troops before enrolling at CMA the opportunity to pick up where they leave off and complete their work toward the rank of Eagle Scout.

In the last decade around 40 cadets have become Eagle Scouts while at CMA! Currently four young men are close to achieving the Eagle Scout rank, and they will very likely complete their projects next school year. In addition, at least eight boys have become Eagle Scouts after leaving CMA, or they are currently working toward that goal. Col. Greg Simonson, the CMA troop leader, has also helped young men who were not members of the CMA troop, but were registered with other troops, to earn merit badges for promotions to higher ranks.

If a young man works diligently on his scout activities with Col. Simonson for three-and-a-half years, his chances for attaining Eagle rank approach 100%. Each scout is expected to show leadership capabilities on his path to becoming an Eagle Scout and to honestly complete the requirements for rank and merit badge work.

Under Col. Simonson’s leadership, Scout Troop 38 continues to enhance Camden Military Academy’s commitment to prepare young men for the future.

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