Romeo & Juliet

By: Casey Robinson on Feb 22, 2023 | Categories: General, Academic

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As part of the Drama Unit, Captain Yeatts' English I classes have been reading "The Tragedy of Romeo & Juliet". Instruction has focused on terms and concepts related to Drama as a genre while class discussions have identified the terms as they are found in context. Cadets have also worked to increase their vocabulary and improve their critical thinking skills. Some of the overarching questions that the classes have discussed include:
1. What roles do Romeo & Juliet's ages play in their decision-making?

2. How do the actions of Romeo & Juliet's friends, family members, Juliet's nurse, and Friar Laurence contribute to the tragedy that befalls them?

3. How could Romeo and Juliet have avoided their tragic outcomes?

4. How do parental influence and social expectations interfere with Romeo & Juliet's desires to be together?

5. How do the escalation of tempers fuel the feud between families and what are the effects of the escalation?

At the end of the unit, cadets should not only be more comfortable with Shakespeare's works and the classic, "The Tragedy of Romeo & Juliet, rather, they should also be more proficient at analyzing dramatic works and thinking more critically about literature as a whole.

- Captain Ken Yeatts (English Instructor)