Reviews of the student production "Harry Hotter at Twilight"

By: Casey Robinson on Nov 19, 2013 | Categories: General, Clubs

CMA took the Fine Arts Club to see a play in downtown Camden. Three cadets were starring in the play which is called “Harry Hotter”. There were twists all throughout the play and you wouldn’t want to miss a second of this fine production. They did an excellent job and I cannot wait until the next play in the spring.

After a great meal, we made our way to the play. This play was very enjoyable and I am extremely glad I was chosen to join my fellow cadets on this journey.

I really enjoyed the play. I also loved the meal. The play had me constantly laughing because of how funny it was. The mix of Harry Potter and Twilight made it very funny. I also thought it was cool that kids from CMA were in the play. The trip was very enjoyable.

I really enjoyed the school field trip to see the play. That has to be one of my favorite plays ever. It didn’t really have a moral to the story but it was really funnly.

L Halligan

I liked being able to see CMA kids doing stuff like the plays. I would love to go see other productions that our cadets were in.


The play was very entertaining. It was like 5 books crammed into this one play and all of them converging together was very funny.

Jacob McGuire
I liked watching other cadets on stage and having a good time. The school should do more small field trips like this.

J Williams

I nearly died laughing. I had a great time and would love to see it again.

I honestly loved the play and the actors did a great job. I really thank the school for the opportunity to go. The food was amazing Thanks for letting me go!


I really enjoyed the dinner that we had before the play. I thought everyone did a great job.

The play was really funny. It looked so much fun!

I thought the food was wonderful and the people who work there were incredibly kind. The play was good. The funny part about it was the people in it. Thanks for taking me.

I honestly thought the play was really funny. It was funny how they were acting and interacting with the crowd. I am happy I went and happy you allowed me to go. Thank you.

S Forrester
Tonight we headed downtown to watch a few of the CMA cadets along with others from Camden perform in the production of Harry Hotter at Twilight. Before we did this, we stopped at a restaurant in Camden to have dinner with the local fire department. The play was a great production and everyone did a great job.