Review of CMA Christmas Play

By: Casey Robinson on Jan 16, 2013 | Categories:

The annual Christmas play was "The Night Before Christmas". This year, they decided to shake it up a little by having the faculty perform instead of the cadets. The Corps of Cadets gathered together in the gym and waited to see their teacher's performance.

Major Beckham and Captain Lloyd sparked the audiences attention with their aggressive act as being brothers in a family. Captain Reeder was the mean father that we all know so well, and Master Sergeant Hewitt was the crazy haired mother. The story went on, LTC Simonson (the rat), was shot down and of course Captain Reeder took care of that. Major Beckham and Captain Lloyd's breath taking performance brought laughter to the audience. As usual, LTC Yarborough took the stage dressed in her red dress playing "Little Red Riding Hood". She sang, then was escorted off the stage. Major Lepage (Santa) came with humor, and finished the performance perfectly.

Cadet Chamberlain, 10th grade, Fishers, IN