Registration Guidelines for the 21-22 School Year

By: Casey Robinson on Aug 9, 2021 | Categories:


Due to COVID-19, registration will be different than ever before at Camden Military. The new protocol is an attempt to keep every registering cadet, family and CMA staff healthy. Please review the steps below and contact CMA with any questions.

ALL cadets and their family members are to report directly to the CMA infirmary upon arriving on campus. A MASK MUST BE WORN AT ALL TIMES WHILE ON CAMPUS!

-Cadets and any family member who will be outside of their vehicle while on campus must participate in the mandatory COVID-19 screening which include temperature checks, questionnaires and any other measures mandated by the academy.

-Cadets and family members who pass the COVID -19 screening will be given a wrist band that must be worn at all times while on campus for registration.Anyone not wearing the wrist band will be asked to leave campus immediately.

-Anyone who cannot be cleared by our infirmary staff during the screening process must depart campus immediately.

-Once you successfully complete the screening process, you will be provided a registration sheet with all departments listed. KEEP THIS SHEET WITH YOU UNTIL YOU CHECK IN THE BARRACKS. You must visit any department that does not have a signature on the line next to the listed department (more info regarding this below).

-If all departments have a signature, all new cadets report directly to the gymnasium (if returning cadets need supplies, they may also report to the gym).If you fail to submit any required documents or fees prior to your arrival for registration, you will have to visit the particular department who needs the form to complete registration. The cadet must remain with the family members during the entire registration process. Please submit any missing fees or enrollment forms prior to arrival!!

-Please note that entry to all buildings will be limited to cadets only.

-Family members that need to complete forms or visit a particular department must report to the designated outside waiting area.Please dress for the weather as it is generally very HOT and HUMID in mid-August with occasional thunderstorms.

Locations of Departments: (signs will direct you on campus)
Nurses- Infirmary
Enrollment Forms- Front entrance to administration building (main parking lot)
Finance- Rear entrance to administration building (facing the red fence)
Academics- Academic Annex Building (access the handicap ramp)
Quartermaster Store- Gymnasium (front door facing baseball field)

Finally, report to your son’s assigned barracks to meet his TAC officers and move-in!

-Please remember that wristbands and masks are required at all times and entry to buildings is restricted to cadets only.

Once your cadet has successfully moved into his barrack and family members have met the TAC officers, we ask that all family members depart campus as soon as possible. Upon the family members departure, your son will begin his “Camden Experience!”

-TAC officers will meet with parents on the outside of the immediate barrack areas.

General Information:
-PLEASE be on time for your scheduled registration time. We may be unable to accommodate late arrivals until the last cadet scheduled for the day has processed.
-Restrooms are located at the entrance to the gymnasium.
-Please practice social distancing while on campus.
-Please wear masks at all times.
-Cadets traveling alone to campus who arrive after registration hours will be housed in the infirmary overnight or until the nurse can perform their screening.
-Please limit the number of family members accompanying the cadet to two people.

Thank you for your cooperation and for helping insure a positive and healthy start to the school year!