Registration Day: What do I do?

By: Casey Robinson on Aug 17, 2019 | Categories:

August 24th, 2019 will be a busy day on campus for Camden Military Academy, new cadets and new families. The school will work to make the enrollment process run as smoothly and quickly as possible. What can families do to help this? Make sure that all forms are completed and have been returned to the academy by August 15. On the day of registration, new cadets and parents will have a number of stations to visit and preparation is key in making the registration process as painless as possible.

At the first station, new cadets will sign in and have their picture taken so they can receive a school ID. The next stop is accounting where families can discuss adding cadets to trips or finalize any payment that was not completed prior to arrival. This stop can be skipped if the accounting office has already been contacted and everything is complete! However, the nurses will meet with all families. The nursing staff will collect any medication that a cadet may be taking as well as explain the processes of the infirmary.

The Dean of Students and Registrar will meet with cadets and their families to make any changes to their academic schedules. The last stop before getting settled in the barracks is the quartermaster store. During registration, the quartermaster store is housed in the gym. New cadets will be fitted and issued uniforms for the school year. Next, families should report to their son’s assigned company to meet the TAC officers and get the new cadet moved into his room.

Saturday, August 24th will be a busy day, but Camden wants to make sure that all of your questions are answered before you depart the campus that day. If you have any questions prior to or on registration day, please call the office at 803-432-6001.

Make sure to follow Camden on all social media platforms to keep up with your cadet this school year. Any updates are changes to the schedules are posted here first. Also, we will post as many pictures as possible during the first few weeks of school so that you can see your son as he begins his Camden experience!

See you soon!