Real Life English Skills

By: Casey Robinson on Nov 5, 2013 | Categories: General, Academic

Marsden Class

Commander Marsden’s English IV students recently completed several milestone professional writing projects following their study of resumes, letters, and college application essays. Every senior not already participating in an English 101 class has been working over the past several weeks to complete these writing projects.

The students’ first project was the creation of a college resume, one meant to serve as a master database documenting each student’s education, work experience, social activity, special accomplishments, and awards history. Accompanying this project was the requirement to write a 300-word (minimum) response to one of ten popular college application essay questions.
The second phase of this series of projects entailed creating a realistic job resume, one seeking employment at the secondary school graduate level, perhaps at a local business back home or an internship on the college preparatory level. Each student was required to generate both a resume and an introductory cover letter that complies with the standard business letter model.
All four of these projects shared the objective of preparing each student to write professionally for the professional world that each will soon join, a world each may be unused to, far removed from family and classroom. Nevertheless, it will be a world that requires each to stand and identify himself as a unique individual who has found and shown his ability to define himself as one with talents to devote to improving the world around him. These projects served to prepare each of these students to do just that.