By: Casey Robinson on Jun 30, 2010 | Categories: General, Academic

Re Enrollment Pic

I always get excited around this time every year because it is time to send out re-enrollment invitations to cadets in hopes of them returning next year. Each year, this is a time when the administration of reflects on the Corps of Cadets accomplishments this past school year. I get to see concrete evidence how far a young man has come whether it be academically or behaviorally since his enrollment at Camden. I also realize how valuable a service, not to mention a quality education, Camden Military Academy is providing these young men and appreciate that I was part of that process. For example, we have one 12th grade cadet who transferred to Camden in his sophomore year with a 2.0 GPA- his college choices were limited. However, today he stopped by to tell me that he got accepted into the University of South Carolina, his first choice school, and gave our teachers all of the credit for helping him improve his GPA and study skills. Another 9th grade student had some behavioral issues in public school because he was ADHD but with the individual attention and small classes here, he no longer “blends in the crowd” and has not received any demerits since Christmas vacation!!

I trust that if your son attends CMA, or if you attended yourself, that you have your own success story. If you would like to share them, I would like to hear them. Here’s looking ahead to next year- may it be another GREAT year!