Playing sports at Camden Military Academy

By: Casey Robinson on Oct 31, 2016 | Categories: General, Athletics

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Attending Camden Military Academy is a daunting prospect at times. Two of my biggest concerns were whether or not I would sit around and do nothing or if I would always be busy. The biggest concern was whether or not I would make any friends. Now in my senior year, I have divined the answer to those questions, and one thing that I chose to do has helped me with the adjusting more than any other thing has. Sports and athletics play a very important role in normal life. However at Camden, athletics have been more than important to me, they have been necessary. The camaraderie you build with other cadets is nothing, compared to what it will be if you were to play a sport with that person. I have participated in four varsity sports each year for the past two years. It is definitely in my top ten favorite things that I have done since i've been here. The time has flown by because I have been kept busy and I have made lifelong friends. A few of the concerns that I had about attending this academy were quickly dispelled by one simple decision. The choice I made to take advantage of Camden Military Academy Athletics.

- Cadet Chestnut