Picture This?

By: Casey Robinson on Jan 9, 2014 | Categories: General, Academic, Clubs

On December 8, 2013 Captain Thompson and his sixth period photography class ventured out to the State Park in Camden, South Carolina to take photos of the beautiful scenery. Once arriving at 2 o’clock the 6 students explored the park taking pictures of nearly everything that struck their interests. Creeks and miniature waterfalls where found, and shoes were ruined as a few cadets slipped into the creek! After two hours of adventuring around the park, the cadets walked back to the central meeting location to view their work on a cadet’s laptop. Each cadet gave brief explanations on how they could have improved the quality of the photographs by adjusting basic settings. After many laughs and smiles, the cadets prepared to return to campus for the evening meal. Photographs will soon be available on all of Camden Military Academy social media profiles, so check frequently to catch a glimpse of the cadets’ work!