Physics and Physical Science--What's Happening?!

By: Casey Robinson on Dec 15, 2021 | Categories:

Blog from Coach Eckenroth

Physics - This year we started with the science within Physics. Measurement and the language that makes up the study of Physics is the main starting point for this course. Some carryover from Physical Science is helpful in the Physics language. Motion in one dimension was a main topic 1st semester discussing acceleration and free falling objects speed and acceleration. Vector quantities and two dimensional motion was another topic that we attacked with projectile motion and relative motion combined with mathematical problems. Newton’s Laws are always a permanent part of this course and study. Examples of his laws were demonstrated in class with a popular item called the gravity wheel, as some students found out that their balance and force of gravity were tested. Some of my students found it interesting that all the rides at an amusement park were very much of our physics study. Work,energy, and power were well mathematically interesting in determining how much they really have done and not done by themselves. Elastic and Inelastic collisions were discussed using examples in the classroom which then led to discussions and examples in the classroom. Centripetal and Centrifugal force was demonstrated in video to end our course at this time.

PHYSICAL SCIENCE - This semester concentrated on the Chemistry aspect of this course. Information on the chemicals that combine to form compounds and the Periodic Table were some of our main focus. Properties of matter, states of matter, and the all important atomic structure of the atom are also discussed. Our main focus at the end of the semester was the makeup of Acids,Bases, and Salts using litmus paper tests.