Pecan Festival 2012

By: Casey Robinson on Nov 6, 2012 | Categories:


Pecan Festival

I enjoyed the Pecan Festival very much. It was in a little country town and people were respectful and nice toward the cadets. We escorted girls out in front of the town in our uniform and it was an experience to be in front of all of those people. We were also in a parade and it was very fun but tiring. I enjoyed this trip and I would like the chance to do it again next year.

Jake Harper


South Carolina

This weekend, I experienced the southern phenomenon known as the Pecan Festival. It was held in Whiteville, North Carolina. It was one of the most fun experiences I have ever had. Being from the north, I finally received the full southern culture and I truly loved it! The happiness and cheer shared by everyone was something us northerners aren’t accustomed to back home. Being an escort for one of the Pecan Belles was very thrilling too. My belle, Kayla Ward, was a very nice girl and I enjoyed every second. Overall, the Pecan Festival culturally enhanced me. I hope to enjoy it again next year.

Tyler Vanbuitenen


New Jersey

I would personally like to thank LTC Heflin for inviting me to participate in this year’s Pecan Festival. I really enjoyed it. It is always good to get off of campus and have fun. It is also very fun to go out and have some really good food. I thought it was really cool being able to escort the Queen around to see the houses and to hear her sing. It was also really fun going around on the float with her and seeing all the people. I thought the way they shut down the downtown area for everyone to set up tents and shops was cool. Also, I enjoyed seeing all of those awesome cars. It made my day. I thought it was an amazing trip and really want to do it again.

John Puhl



My time at the Pecan Festival was amazing. We did so much in only a short amount of time. We went to some music festival which was really fun. The band there was a really good country band. The Pecan Festival itself was fun because the town of Whiteville brought you back in time. It was an old neat little town. They had old flashy stores that seemed so innocent and they also had a couple of places where they made delicious milkshakes. The pecans were amazing after they were fried with the seasoning. It taste like heaven in your mouth.

Cody Auburger


South Carolina