Parent Testimonial

By: Casey Robinson on Apr 21, 2015 | Categories: General, Academic, Summer Programs

We sent our son to CMA 3 years ago as a last resort...something that was never entertained the first 12-13 years of his life when life seemed near perfect. Then came bad grades, bad behaviors, and a bad attitude. Nothing we tried worked to turn things around. His future looked bleak.

We sent our son to a CMA summer school program first to repeat a failed course during the summer between his 9th and 10th grade year at a public school. We hoped that would be enough to right his course or convince him to make needed changes; it wasn't. Our nightmare continued during the first semester of his sophomore year to the point we knew a life changing decision was necessary.

We never forgot what Sgt Major Brooks told us when we picked our son up at the end of that CMA summer school session-- "He has potential, but we need more time." We then sent him back to CMA for the 2nd semester of his sophomore year. This time he was assigned to Sgt. Major Irtenkauf. In large part, our son remained defiant toward us and disengaged with CMA but his grades improved, so we cobbled together the needed money to send him back for his junior year, also with Sgt Major Irtenkauf. Our son remained defiant (especially in our presence) to the point that it made us question if this military school strategy was actually working. His insistence that he would not acclimate to the CMA culture and his chronic pushing of the boundaries almost got him expelled...and then the breaking point came. The threat of losing CMA broke him; he finally showed that he cared about something.

The seemingly slow and steady CMA methods of turning troubled boys into responsible men evolved to a fast and furious speed. My disengaged cadet became an officer! He is the poster child for what CMA can do for turning misdirected boys into young men with potential.

We will forever be grateful.

Parent of 2nd Lieutenant Lance Wicker.
Bravo Company. Class of 2015.