Parent Update- December 28

By: Casey Robinson on Dec 28, 2021 | Categories: General


All of us at CMA hope that your family has enjoyed a wonderful holiday season! In preparation for your cadet’s return to the academy, we wanted to offer a few reminders and updates relating to COVID-19 and our school calendar.

• Before returning to campus, all cadets should have a COVID test performed within three days of their arrival date. The preferred method is PCR, but a rapid test will be accepted. At-home tests will NOT be accepted. Please bring a copy of the negative results to the infirmary.

• Cadets can choose to report any time between January 2 and January 4. The times to report are 9am-5pm daily. An appointment is NOT required. Upon arriving, all cadets should report directly to the infirmary for a rapid COVID test. Anyone testing positive will be required to depart campus immediately. Therefore, whoever drives the cadet to campus is required to wait on the results of the COVID test. Also, be prepared to wait depending upon how many people return at the same time. Thank you in advance for your patience!

• After being cleared by the infirmary, cadets will receive a wristband allowing them to enter the barracks.

• Due to the rise of COVID-19 numbers both locally and nationwide, CMA will remain “locked down” meaning no furloughs or special leaves. At the moment, we still anticipate having the Spring Break. However, please do not make any plans for any breaks, leaves or furloughs appearing on the school calendar that was distributed at the beginning of the school year.

• Until further notice, everyone will be required to wear a mask while on CMA’s campus.

• If your cadet has received the COVID vaccination, please submit a copy of the vaccination card to the infirmary.

As always, your cooperation with our COVID protocol is very much needed and appreciated. These protocols are in place so that we can provide a healthy and safe face-to-face learning environment for our cadets, faculty, and staff.

From all of the administration, faculty and staff at Camden Military Academy, Happy New Year and May God Bless Your Family in 2022!