Now accepting Re-Enrollment Applications -- READ BELOW!

By: Casey Robinson on Feb 7, 2020 | Categories: General, Academic, Clubs, Open House

Re Enrollment

Hello from Camden Military Academy! As we begin to move through February, it is time to start making plans for the 2020-2021 school year-can you believe it?!

You will be receiving a link to your son’s reenrollment application very soon. We are attempting to gain an understanding of the number of cadets that will return next school year so that we will know how many spaces will be available for new cadets. If you intend to have your son attend CMA next school year, please complete the reenrollment form as soon as possible.

If you complete the reenrollment form online, the $100 application fee can be added to your cadet’s account. The process to reenroll is very simple and can be completed online in under 2 minutes! Additionally, with the submission of the reenrollment form, your son will become eligible for end of the year promotions and be considered for positions next year. Cadets who are not reenrolled will not be considered for staff positions.

This reenrollment application submission does not commit you to pay the tuition at this time. If you choose later in the year that your son will not be attending CMA next school year, you would simply lose the $100 application fee. However, by submitting the re-enrollment application, you would guarantee your son a space for next school year. That space will be held until the tuition becomes due in June or July, depending on your payment plan. If we do not receive the tuition down payment by the deadline, we will assume that your cadet will not be returning, and he will be removed from the roster.

The deadline to submit the reenrollment application is April 10, 2020.

If we have not received your cadet’s reenrollment application by April 10, we will invite a new student to join CMA next year. If you or your son choose to reenroll after April 10, a new student application would be required to be considered for enrollment.

As you may know, we operated at capacity this school year and often had a waiting list. We have a number of former cadets on that waiting list wishing to reenroll, but we have not had the room to invite them back. Don’t find yourself in this situation in August! We anticipate opening the school at capacity next August as we have already received a record number of new applications for this time of the year.

If you have any questions about reenrollment, please contact the academy at 803-432-6001.