National Honor Society Meeting

By: Casey Robinson on Nov 18, 2021 | Categories: General, Academic


Last Friday was our first meeting of the semester and we couldn’t be more excited to dive into another year of leadership and service. This year, our Chapter President is Cadet Mancuso. Our Vice President is Cadet Berman and our Secretary and Public Affairs Officers are Cadets McGregor and Polotko respectively. The morning meeting was a great experience for chapter members to get to know each other, get a general idea of how meetings are conducted, and even brainstorm ideas of service projects to benefit the school and community. With Covid limitations in mind, some precautions will need to be taken, such as masks and minimal to zero contact with the public. However, we maintain our mission to serve our community. Chapter President Mancuso had the opportunity to hear what our members had to say and any suggestions they wanted to give, such as the assignment of committees to handle operations among other affairs. We look forward to our next meeting and finalizing plans for our community service project.

Cadet Ivan Polotko

Public Affairs Officer

Camden Military Chapter, National Honor Society