Meet Our New Lifting Coach!

By: Casey Robinson on Feb 27, 2023 | Categories: General, Athletics

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We would like to welcome Coach Lockwood G Pierson (Butch), to Camden Military Academy. Coach Butch will be serving as the Strength and Conditioning coach, along with Olympic Lifting Coach. Read below some of his accomplishments over the years!

Education: BYU Hawaii Campus , Major Music. West Valley Occupational Center/Camera Repair

Sports Background : Football ,Wrestling, AAU Boxing, Rugby, Competitive Power Lifting, Martial Arts Instructor 35 Years

Butch has many passions, of those include martial arts, which he has achieved the following:

Kung Fu San Soo; 8th Degree BB, Kodokan Judo 1st Degree BB, Liado 2nd Degree Brown Belt

He has also served as a Combative Arts & Reality based Self defense Instructor and retired from 40 years as a Camera assistant in the Motion Picture Business.

Coaching Experience:

Owner and trainer of Performance Training Center; 5 Years

Owner and Director of West Coast Boys Volleyball Club; 6 Years

Olympic Lifting Coach; 27 Years USAW Level 2 Certification na

Athletic Speed Coach; Speed Tech 2000 5 Years

Personal philosophy on Sports Training:

I believe that the first development of any athlete is strength. Both strength

of mind and strength of body. Both of these are required to be a top athlete.