Mat Spartans

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Team Record 13 wins, 16 losses.


List of cadets who lettered with

individual records:

Kurosh Badii (middle school wrestler)

Braeden Handley(middle school wrestler)

Turner Morton(7 wins, 11 losses)

Terrance Alfred(2 wins, 1 loss)

Ray Gradwell( 14 wins, 7 losses)

Alex Newton( 12 wins, 11 losses)

Nic Sheffron(7 wins, 10 losses)

Eric Emery (10 wins, 7 losses)

Michael Moses(5 wins, 8 losses)

Alex Woodfield( 3 wins, 4 losses)

Andre Rossenello( 1 win, 9 losses)

Matt Phillips(4 wins, 2 losses)

Ryan Figlow(12 wins, 6 losses)

Tomas Seymour(4 wins, 17 losses)

Yannick den Boer(6wins, 11 losses)

Kris Strain(0 wins, 1 loss)

Keiland King(1 win, 1 loss)


Individual Awards:

Evan Lowe (12 wins, 5 losses) [Spartan Award]

Leverrett Walker(12 wins, 15 losses) [Coaches Award]

John Bowen (20 wins, 6 losses) [Most Improved Wrestler]

Saurya Neupane (19 wins, 4 losses) [Most Valuable wrestler]