marketing class vlog project

By: Casey Robinson on Mar 15, 2022 | Categories:

In our Marketing class with LTC Robinson, the latest assignment was to create a vlog on an aspect of our life here at CMA. We learned what makes a good vlog in the class, including recording techniques, editing and splicing together video footage, adjusting audio, and adding music to the video. Next, we had to put our new knowledge to the test by recording parts of campus and recording ourselves explaining what was going on in the footage. In the next class, we reviewed our basic footage and went over what we did correctly and what we needed to improve on. After recording again and perfecting the footage, it was time to put it all together. Using the skills we learned in the class, we put all the footage together using iMovie and spiced it up with transitions between each recording as well as the music that fit it best. We reviewed our final drafts and made the last few edits necessary to perfect our work. I feel like this experience greatly expanded my knowledge of vlogging and video editing, and I can’t wait to do it again in the future!

Written By, Coleton Messmer