Manners Matter!

By: Casey Robinson on Feb 11, 2015 | Categories: General, Athletics, Academic, Clubs

The members of the Camden Military Academy Junior Leadership recently received an
etiquette training session at the Boykin Mill Pond Restaurant. The cadets included were
cadets Mcguire, Den Boer, Villalobos, Witthar, and Stein. At the etiquette training session they
were taught how to properly use their silverware, how to serve guests, and how to conduct
themselves in a formal atmosphere. The lessons they learned in the etiquette training will
prove to be useful as these students move on to college and into the business world. The next
Junior Leadership session will be held on February 18, and it will be covering Cultural
Diversity. Our very own headmaster Colonel Eric Boland will be speaking to the Kershaw
County Junior Leadership members on the issue.