Making the First Week Transition

By: Casey Robinson on Aug 25, 2022 | Categories: General, Academic

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As registration has ended and the first week of school is beginning, the main objective of Camden Military Academy’s faculty and staff is to create a smooth transition from home to life at Camden Military. Students are given their class schedules the Sunday before school begins to help them navigate the Academic buildings the following day. Since our campus is small, students don’t seem to have much trouble finding their classes. In addition to a smaller campus, there are formation’s held ten minutes before class to release every student for the school day. This gives cadets ample time to figure out where they’re going if there was any further confusion. Inside of the classrooms, teachers understand that the adjustment is not always easy. As a result, the teachers are more patient compared to other schools since they know the various mental factors, such as homesickness or separation anxiety, can play a major role in a cadet’s academic performance. Furthermore, cadets are provided with a 20 minute period of time called, tutorial, everyday. If a cadet is struggling with an assignment or a specific topic from a class they can go to their teacher during this time and receive further instruction on their weak point. Teachers and faculty at CMA focus on every aspect that may be affecting a cadet’s education or performance to allow them the ability to reach their full potential.

Cadet Luke Tschimpke