MAJ.Eckenroths classes

By: Casey Robinson on Feb 27, 2022 | Categories:


This semester in Physics we have been studying visible light, reflection, refraction, and electrical currents. We will end the year in our big project of building a bridge in our school, as class versus class, using national guidelines. Embedded in some of our studies we also tested for colorblindness using isochromatic plates in the Ishihara test. Students were surprised to see that only males have color blindness. We also had a little fun looking at optical illusions and how your eyes can play tricks on your brain.

Physical Science

Students have been involved with atomic theory and with all the scientists involved. They also were involved in light refraction and reflection, with some studies on color blindness. We are visiting our weight room on campus to study work and power and the angles at which work is done. Our last study will be on electricity and circuits.


I am preparing a short seminar on the rules of golf, so our players will show them on the course for understanding.

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