Life of Colonel Jeff Jordan By: Cadet O'connor

By: Casey Robinson on Mar 10, 2019 | Categories:


Colonel Jeff Jordan was born in 1961 in Camden, South Carolina. He has lived here all of his life, and attended Camden High School from 1975-1983. After graduating from Camden High, he attending The Citadel where he played football all 4 years of his attendance. He graduated as a second lieutenant in November Company as the athletic officer.

Col. Jordan majored in education, and following graduation started his educational career as an assistant principal in a local high school in Camden. At this school he also taught classes and was a varsity football coach. He then left Camden High to be a principal at a middle school for the next 10 years.

Then, he retired in the summer, and after about 2 weeks of being bored he called Colonel Boland here at CMA and resumed his teaching career as my sociology teacher the following year. This is now his 7th year teaching at Camden Military, and coaches football. Col. Jordan also takes cadets on many off campus extracurricular trips. He has taken me and several other of my cadet companions on 6 mile rucksack marches through the Camden woods with his K-9 dogs.

For the past 38 years, Jeff Jordan has been a part of the South Carolina State Guard. Now, he has progressed to being the commander of the K-9 detachment of the Search and Rescue Command. He is a professional dog handler and has 2 German Shepherds named Shana and Trooper.

Overall, Colonel Jeff Jordan told me that he loves teaching at CMA, and knows he won’t be able to teach here forever, but he would if he could. He absolutely loves guiding young men through to maturity. He believes that since our cadets are living away from home, it is his duty to be a secondary father figure to us. He is an amazing teacher and an incredible mentor to both me and the rest of the Corps of Cadets here at Camden Military. Col. Jordan lives at home with his wife of 10 years. He has 2 kids and 4 grandchildren, one of which was just born yesterday.