FCA Prayer Breakfast

By: Casey Robinson on Apr 10, 2014 | Categories: General, Clubs

On Friday, March 28th at 7:15am about 70 cadets loaded up on buses to attend CMA’s monthly FCA prayer breakfast event at New Horizon’s Restaurant in downtown Camden. Our headmaster - Col Boland, our Commandant - LTC Armstrong, and our Athletic Director - Will Rice, among other staff members joined the cadets for this event. This is a new monthly event that was added this school year. So far, based on the responses of the cadets, they really enjoy this event and look forward to it every month. The meeting begins at 7:30am with an all-you-can-eat buffet-style breakfast complete with eggs, bacon, sausage, grits, toast, juice, etc. Once the cadets have their stomachs filled with the delicious off-campus breakfast, they listen to a guest speaker. The guest speaker typically reads a passage from the Bible and then seeks to encourage them, motivate them, and challenge them by explaining the passage, showing them what we can learn from it, and how it is applicable to us today. The guest speaker usually shares personal stories and experiences with the cadets that relate to the passage.

This month’s speaker was Bill Hazelton. Mr. Hazelton is from Chapin, SC and is (among other things) a husband, father, business entrepreneur, student (going back to college to earn another Master’s Degree), and a triathlete. He started his talk by reading from John, Chapter 14 in the Bible. After reading a couple of verses and explaining the meaning and how it was applicable to us today, he shared with us an incredible, amazing, personal experience. As he told his story, he related it back to the Bible and the passage he read out of the book of John. His incredible, amazing, personal experience….he competed in the famous “Alcatraz swim”. Every year, almost 1,000 people brave the icy waters of Alcatraz to swim to San Francisco. It's a mile-and-a-half journey that tests the heartiest athletes. He had a slideshow presentation with breathtaking pictures that helped show us just how incredible this experience was. He shared with us how he once thought that it would be a “good idea” to try and participate in the Alcatraz swim. He talked us through this process of just thinking about doing something compared to actually doing something. He vividly described that terrifying, yet exhilarating, experience. Once in the water, he faced various trials such as deep, icy-cold water, rough waves smacking him in the face as he fought for breath, swallowing water, the limited ability to see due to water and wind in his eyes, swimming against the strong currents, tired and cramping muscles, other swimmers paddling their arms and kicking their feet all around him, and sharing the water with 500 pound sea lions (and various other sea creatures including….sharks)! He described all kinds of trials and tribulations, and how he had to focus on the finish line and do what he needed to do to get there. There was one way…and he had to follow it or he would never make it. Thankfully, he made it! Not only did he survive, but he had achieved an amazing feat! He was able to overcome incredible obstacles along the way as he made it to the finish line…and oh, was it worth it!!!