Least Favorite subject at CMA?

By: Casey Robinson on Oct 27, 2021 | Categories: General, Academic

If you were to randomly survey the students at Camden Military Academy, and ask them, “What is

your least favorite subject?”, it’s a very good bet that the vast majority’s response would be “Math”.

It is no mystery why this is so. Mathematics is most student’s weakest subject.

The Mathematics Department at CMA has a unique program that helps ensure that each student

receives the help they need. It is called the Math Lab, and works as follows:

After each two week grading period, students who score below 70 on a test are required to attend

sessions after school, in which they receive additional tutorial guidance from their mathematics


Sessions begin after the sixth period and last about 30 minutes (3:30 AM to 4:00 AM).

Tutorials are designed to strengthen student’s math skills, through review of previous test material,

a focus on the fundamentals of mathematics, and above all, slowing the instructional pace.

In addition to requiring mandatory Math Lab sessions for student’s scoring below a 70 on a test, any

student, who feels the need, can attend a Math Lab Tutorial. Mathematics instructors are at school

each afternoon, after classes, if a student needs extra tutorial assistance.

Major Dority,

Mathematics Instructor

Camden Military Academy