Leadership at CMA

By: Casey Robinson on Oct 11, 2019 | Categories: General


As a First Sergeant in Delta Company at CMA, I have many daily tasks and duties to fulfill. As a cadet leader, I work hard every day to maintain the morale and well-being of cadets in Delta Company. Under supervision of 1SG Jackson and SFC Perry, Delta company TAC officers, it is my responsibility to make sure Delta company runs as one big family. From marching the company back and forth to the dining hall to changing the papers out on the bulletin board in the barracks, I work hard to delegate responsibility to my platoon sergeants. My biggest responsibility is to make sure that the Delta company cadets work towards their greatest potential. Although my job is a lot of work, I enjoy it very much! I am learning many leadership skills in my current position and I hope to be able to use everything I learn at CMA as a leader in my career.

By Cadet Ian Walter