Last Minute Registration Tips

By: Casey Robinson on Aug 18, 2015 | Categories: General, Academic

Cma Spirit

1- ONLY the cadre report on Friday, August, 21. ALL new students report on Saturday, August 22. The returning cadets are to report on Sunday afternoon. Please refer to the Parent Handbook for the actual reporting times and hours of registration.
2- Please make sure that your tuition and all fees are paid PRIOR to registration day. Please note that if you are bringing any monies on registration day that there will be a delay in registration as you will be asked to wait while those who have paid ahead of time are allowed to proceed in front of you. Please plan ahead regarding your travel and time on campus due to the delay. The same applies to any forms that we have failed to receive prior to your reporting day. The Parent Handbook, Enrollment Forms and the Technology forms are attached to this email in case you need another copy.
3- If you would like a campus tour, we are offering tours on Saturday only. The tours will begin in the administration building at 11am and 2pm on Saturday. There will not be any tours on Friday or Sunday of registration.
4- Please take the time to review the parent handbook. We have been receiving numerous calls regarding items covered in the handbook. The information in the parent handbook is very important! However, if you still have questions, please call or email.
5- Please make sure that your cadet’s travel itinerary has been received and confirmed with David Green, CMA Transportation Director. David can be reached at 803-243-0748 or . This applies only to those cadets that will be traveling alone to Camden.
We look forward to seeing you this weekend!