Key Club Fall Rally By: Rush

By: Casey Robinson on Feb 1, 2018 | Categories:

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Fall Rally happens every year, where every single key club across both carolinas are invited to Carowinds to experience a day of learning about what key club is as well as having fun and going on all the rides (especially the Fury 325) since i was on the district board I was supposed to arrive early to help out with getting things prepared for fall rally as well as getting my committee’s presentation up and rolling to help give some insight on what the district project was. When we actually started fall rally on the 8th of October, we had almost 2000 kids and advisors show up from all over the carolinas. It was really kinda crazy how one minute we were setting up tables to hand out special carolinas key club shirts, to being slammed with person after person asking for their size in shirts, never knowing exactly where the correct size was but somehow getting it and remaking the piles, funneling everyone into the auditorium to have our presentation. after all of the chaos ensued, we headed into the auditorium and there i saw it. Almost 2000 people who were either dedicated to service, or those who will be dedicated to service sitting there, learning about key club and donating to the boys and girls homes, as well as getting to go to carowinds for a full day. It was a truly awesome experience and i strongly suggest that you go if you’re given the chance!