JV Football - End of the Year

By: Casey Robinson on Oct 23, 2014 | Categories: General, Athletics

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We asked JV coach Reeder what be thought about the season.

"The Junior High football team consisted of 7th and 8th grade cadets. The designed purpose was to expose students to the game of football and to compete with area teams in four scheduled games. The team competed twice against North Central Middle School and once against the Lewisville Middle School and the P.A.C (Providence Athletic Club) teams from Columbia. Team goals were to learn the skill set necessary to compete both offensively and defensively. The offense scored three touchdowns over the course of the season and the defense improved in each game played.

The offensive highlight of the season was scoring two touchdowns in a game with North Central Middle School. The highlight of the defensive squad was their overall play versus the P.A.C. team.
Outstanding offensive players were Kingsley Raitt-Eguakun (quarterback) and Alexander Tate (tailback). Hudson Huckfeldt (cornerback), Chase Roebuck (end), Braeden Handley (lineman), and Johnny Slick (lineman) were outstanding defensive players. All players improved in their skill level throughout the season. These players are recognized because they performed especially well during our games."

~Coach Reeder