Junior Leadership

By: Casey Robinson on Dec 7, 2020 | Categories: General

We started the morning by speaking with and doing various activities with Kathryn Johnson, with Livewell Kershaw, and Latrice Simmons, also with Livewell Kershaw. Throughout the morning we covered topics such as nutrition, access to health care, housing, homelessness, and mental health. My favorite topic we talked about was nutrition and obesity. Later in the afternoon, we did a data walk activity. We stopped at different stations and took important keynotes on topics we talked about throughout the day. Topics in the data walk included access to care, obesity, mental health, and diabetes. After this, we participated in a 30 second so what activity. One fact I found surprising was that 44% of adults in Kershaw are obese. Also, I love what the food share project is doing for the Kershaw community.