Junior Leadership by Balen Williams 10/16/20

By: Casey Robinson on Oct 28, 2020 | Categories: General

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Junior leadership is a very exciting opportunity. This morning we began by watching a powerpoint presented by Dr. Raymond Watkins about public speaking. This presentation helped me understand the importance of public speaking and how to improve my skills. We were asked to write a two minute speech on advice given to us. A few of the people participating in the program were able to present their speeches and I was lucky enough to be a part of it. This really helped me become more confident in myself because the people listening told me what I did well and how I could improve. After Dr. Watkins left, we had a nice lunch break that helped us unwind a little, but then we got back to business. After lunch, we began a mock trial with the honorable judge Trapp. We all participated in the mock trial which was an awesome experience and helped us interact with one another. We all had different roles which helped us put together valid arguments. This experience, I already know, will be very beneficial to my future, and help me with my career path.