Journalism Blog

By: Casey Robinson on Jan 14, 2021 | Categories: General

Journalism is a class led by Mr. Casey Robinson, the Director of Admissions and Marketing. I have journalism first period and write weekly blogs about upcoming events at the academy to help keep parents “in the know.”. I also write blogs from my viewpoint as a cadet living the life as a company commander and as a student.

I am not only tasked with writing blogs but also taking photos of the cadets while they are in class and outside of the classroom. Parents love to see what their children are doing at CMA so Mr. Robinson does his best to give the parents and families the opportunity to see pictures and videos on the school’s social media platforms.

I also assist with the tours and talk to parents when needed. Basically, I assist the admissions department in any way possible. It is a good class that helps with my writing and editing skills which will help me in my upcoming years in college. It has been an amazing first semester and I have learned a lot. I could not ask for a better person to facilitate this class!