Jersey Boys!

By: Casey Robinson on Apr 11, 2014 | Categories: General, Clubs

Jersey Boys

This March, I, along with a handful of my classmates in the Fine Arts Program, took a field trip to see a production of Jersey Boys at the Koger Center for the Arts in Columbia, SC. The trip was planned by the drama teacher, Colonel Yarborough. The production followed Frankie Valli and The Four Seasons from the formation of the group, through all of the different names it took, and the final disbanding of the quartet. The event was a perfect break from the grind of everyday life at Camden Military Academy. The trip was also provided most of the cadets with a first time experience of seeing a Broadway show, a must-do for anybody who appreciates the arts. In addition, our day was spent joking around and socializing with one another. Because the play was so well liked, the songs could be heard all around campus for the remainder of the week. Overall, there are nothing but positive things to say about the trip, and I hope to see it become an annual adventure for the Fine Arts Program.