I’ve been accepted by CMA…now what?

By: Casey Robinson on Jul 1, 2019 | Categories: General

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The admissions staff often fields the following question, “I received the acceptance letter for my son so what happens next?” Keep reading to find out that answer.

First, the parents should congratulate their student on being accepted to America’s premier military boarding school!

Included with each acceptance letter is a school year parent handbook and the school year’s enrollment forms. Parents should take the time to thoroughly read the Parent Handbook to learn about Camden’s policy and procedures.

The enrollment forms also need to be completed and returned to CMA by fax or email. Please adhere to the printed deadlines and we are always happy to receive the forms early!

CMA will request the student’s official transcript from your son’s previous school. However, it is important for the parents to notify the previous school that your son will be enrolling elsewhere to avoid any potential truancy issues.

Parents and accepted cadets can always call or email questions or concerns to the admissions staff at any time throughout the process. The office is open the entire summer!