It is all Logical, Right?!

By: Casey Robinson on Nov 6, 2021 | Categories: General, Academic

Algebra and Geometry continue to provide our students with an opportunity to apply logic to find the value of the unknown variables. The students continue to wonder why there are so many letters on the board during math class. Unfortunately for the Trigonometry class, they are starting to find that some of the letters on the board are not variables. They are finding that e, c, 𝝿 and log can be part of the equations and inequalities. In addition, other symbols are joining the ranks of what we are searching for such as SIN, COS, TAN, COT, CSC, SEC, 𝞢, 𝞓, 𝞗, and 𝞴. Meanwhile, the College Algebra course is screaming through the material and closing in on composite functions and graphing some various conic functions. Graphing parabolas seemed to be particularly enjoyable for them. This led to the questions of, “Wait why are we looking for h, k, a, b, and r now? Are you sure this is still math class?” All kidding aside, almost all of the students are showing progress in their pursuit of knowledge and application of logic in order to prove what they have learned this semester, even when they aren’t sure if they are still in math class.

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